It’s Enjoy our Earth Day!

This Sunday, while thousands of people green-up their homes by swapping out light bulbs to do their part for the planet, I say that instead of bribing it with our good works – we enjoy it.

Of course, I want to sustain our planet’s beauty for future generations. I use my own grocery bags, shop locally, and reduce-reuse-recycle.  But this year I propose that instead of hand-crafting a compost box that serves better as a feeding trough for my neighborhood bears, we celebrate by enjoying Earth Day.

Unplug the kids from the electronics and have a picnic.

Gather friends for a wild scavenger hunt in an unexplored park.

Plant some flowers.

Run through the yard.

Sink your toes deep into ice-cold Spring waters.

Ride your bike to a coffee shop and when you pass a gas station raise your shaking fist in defiance of all its evil comforts.

Inhale the scent of wet, soggy soil.

Bask in the waves of warmth from our Sun.

Capture the image of a mountain peak etching its name into an innocent blue sky.

Gaze out onto a far horizon as it caresses the curves of Earth and wonder what lies beyond.

Close your eyes, turn into the breeze and embrace the mystery of ancient peoples once moved by the very same wind.

Whatever your Earth Day holds, rain or snow or raging sun, soak it up.  Don’t huddle up in a curtain-closed home and miss one more chance to witness it’s wonder.

Enjoy it. Teach your children to cherish it.

Every day.

But, especially on Earth Day!


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